Gedeon – 25 years old
Depuis na silisa classe na ngai na zua mosala apai ya ba Libanais. Bazalaki kofuta ngai 60 $. Mais mosala elekaki ebele mbongo muke. Nabandaki kotika les enfants à l’école ; kokende marché ; kosokola bilamaba ; oyo yonso bazalaki koloba na ngai nabandaki kosala yango ! Parce que natalaki soki natiki mosala na ko vivre ndenge nini ? C’est pour cela raison na ngai yango oyo !

At the end of my studies, I found a job for a Lebanese family, who paid me 60$ (per month). This salary was insignificant compared to the amount of work endured: droping off the kids at school, doing the shopping at the market, doing the laundry and obeying to everything they asked for without flinching. Despite all this servitude, I dared not resign; otherwise how can I make a living? This is the reason why I persevere.