On Wednesday  15th June 2016, in Kigali (Rwanda), a national multistakeholders meeting on domestic workers was organized by IDAY and CLADHO.  The topic of the meeting was “Contribute to make Rwanda a land of opportunities for children where every child must be at school not in domestic work”, with the aim of raising awareness of the community on the dangerous situation which the domestic workers are working in and the violation of laws by employing children in domestic work. It is estimated that about 22% of domestic workers in Rwanda are under 18 (National Survey on Domestic Workers, IDAY/CLADHO, 2015).

60 stakeholders participated to this event, among them: representatives of Ministry of Public Services and Labour (MIFOTRA), Ministry of Justice (MINIJUST), Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), National Commission for Children (NCC), National Commission for Human Rights, the representatives of Kigali City and all Districts of City of  Kigali.

The delegate of Ambassador of US Embassy in Rwanda Mr Elijah Jatovsky (Political/Economic section), representatives of private sector, the trade union CESTRAR, representatives of different civil society and religious organizations in Rwanda were also participating.

Various recommandations have been formulated to better protect child domestic workers and ensure access to vocational training for young domestic workers in Rwanda.

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