In Burundi, Terre des Hommes is our lead implementing partner of the project, in close partnership with the Burundian Ministry of Labour.

During May 2016, two workshops on child domestic workers issue were facilitated with the neighbourhood committees in charge of child protection (called “CPE-Quartiers”) in Kinama and Bwiza zones (Bujumbura Mairie). The team of Terre des Hommes recalled the role of the CPE to protect child at risk and to inform the communities about the care of those children through the Hope Centers (“Points Espoirs”), implemented by Terre des Hommes to support child domestic workers. Flyers were distributed at this occasion.

Following the workshops, the CPE-Quartiers’ members committed to raise awareness among their communities to avoid recruitment of children under 16 as domestic workers. They also committed to allow child domestic workers to attend the Hope Centres activities, organized every Sunday in their neighbourhood. Each neighbourhood scheduled its community-awareness sessions and requested Terre des Hommes to support them during those meetings.

More information? Contact our national coordinator Prosper Arakaza