The project team in Rwanda organized a press conference on May 16, to sort out current situation of domestic workers in Rwanda, highlight the project activities, discuss on national policy on domestic workers, and inform about ILO Convention no 189 and the role of media on the above mentioned issues. The project “Stopping violence against child and young domestic workers through regulation and education” is implemented in Rwanda by CLADHO, in partnership with the trade union CESTRAR and the National Commission for Children.

The press conference gathered more than 60 journalists and various representatives of the project. The Director of Labour in Ministry of Public Service and Labour (MIFOTRA), Alexandre TWAHIRWA, was present and detailed the political and legal framework addressing domestic work in Rwanda, especially child domestic work. Gaspar MPAKANYI, representing the trade union CESTRAR, gave an overview of the role of trade unions in the protection and promotion of domestic workers and the rights to association of domestic workers.

The issue of domestic work receives extensive press attention, with many articles in the news. Check for example this article in English:

This shows increasing attention from the media, the public and the authority for this large challenge of protection and professionalization of domestic workers in Rwanda.

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